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Disaster Management – Fourseen

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Disaster Management

Post Loss Response example


We work internationally across all sectors primarily with complex insurance programmes in fields covering Power and Energy: Risk Finance, Business Interruption: Construction, manufacturing and engineering: Property owners; Transport and Distribution: Travel and Tourism; Leisure and sport!


We adopt a wide angle approach to individual problems or, a portfolio of losses, placing the disaster in context and focussing on efficient and economic solutions.


Generally, this is an assessment of the impact of the Incident on company gross profit and cost compared to benefit; of essential actions needed to return the business back to its position had the Incident not occurred.


We also look at the importance of critical plant, premises available, business relationships, legal implications; timescale and capital requirements.


We talk through sourcing funds and insurance expectations. The insurance policy is a flexible document and we can explain how it can best operate to suit client interests.


In addition to this we consider the opportunities which may arise.


This approach enables informed decisions to be taken in the early course and helps maintain business relationships. Thus the business recovers in the shortest time span and because it also minimises Insurers business interruption exposure fees become part of the insurance indemnity.


We can provide a range of response from simple overview; telephone case assistance or complete settlement service. Our project recovery and disaster management service creates time and space, gives confidence in selecting best options and guidance through the insurance claim.


Utilising current dispute resolution techniques our project management seeks to obtain redress in the earliest timescale yet and support the wider aspirations and objectives of the business.


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